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Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile and Family Court


Juvenile cases


Juvenile cases

Juvenile cases include juvenile delinguent protection and juvenile criminal cases.

Juvenile protection cases cover three major categories:
I. Juvenile violates criminal law.
II. Juvenile has the possibility of violating criminal law according to his personality and environment.
III. Child above 7 years old but less than 12 years old violates criminal law.

Characteristics and system of Juvenile Delinquency Act

1.Features of judicature, education and protection at the same time.
2.The spirit of protection-oriented and education-oriented.
3.Professional and long-term employment system for judges.
4.Juvenile Investigation Officer's full participation.
5.Measures of consultative trial (consultation division).
6.Individualized and diversified treatment methods.
7.Warm and humane trial environment.
8.Establish group assignment system for judges and investigation and probation officers.
9.Integrate social resources to establish juvenile delinquency prevention and control network.
10.Actively promote all kinds of juvenile guidance and parental education.

Juvenile Libary

Juvenile cases-2

Settings of the juvenile protection division

Judge,Clerk,Intern Judge,Interpreter,Juvenile Investigation Officer,Assistant,Juvenile,Legal Agent and Current Guardian,Victim and Witness

Settings of the juvenile protection division

Settings of the juvenile criminal division

Presiding Judge,Assigned Judge,Associate Judge,Clerk,Interpreter,Interrogation Seat,Juvenile and Legal Agent,Assistant ad literm,Defender,Agent ad litem of Plaintiff of Supplementary Action,Prosecutor,Witness and Expert Witness,Intern Attorney and Press,Witness and Expert Witness,Victim,Complaint,and Agent ad litem,Intem Judge

Settings of the juvenile criminal division


Business grouping of the juvenile investigation and probation officers


Group Business Works
First group



1. Make overall arrangements for the employment guidance resources and hold 

    employment contact meeting.

2. Select and train occupational skills.

3. Carry out career exploration and employment match-making.

4. Hold inspirational seminars and carry out labor service.

5. Plan and maintain the business of Investigation and Probation Office website.

Second group



1. Undertake volunteer business and connect diversified guidance and other creative  games.

2. Recruit, evaluate, lecture and dispatch the guidance volunteers and the group  guidance volunteers.

3. Recruit, evaluate, lecture and dispatch the protection volunteers and the group  guidance volunteers.

4. Carry out registration on volunteer in-service education and volunteer hours and  expenditure.

5. Have the guidance volunteers carry out diversified juvenile guidance and set up the  juvenile softball team in the first year.

Third group



1. Connect with social work and maintenance resources, and hold social work contact  meetings.

2. Offer allocation and transferred guidance.

3. Carry out the plan of restorative justice.

4. Deal with juvenile accompanying-reading, reading courses and prepare teaching materials of law education.

5. Carry out tasks of academic research, advanced professional studies, case study and college student internship business.

Fourth group




1. Arrange medical treatment guidance and medical contact meetings.

2. Offer guidance on abstinence from substance addiction.

3. Offer community counseling treatment on sexual assault events.

4. Connect with medical resources such as mental health consultation services, physical  and mental rehabilitation, tattoo removal, abstinence, treatment, etc.

5. Carry out non-opiate plan - cooperate with the Education Bureau and the Health Bureau.

Fifth group



(including correction


police administration)

1. Make overall arrangements for education, correction and police administration contact meetings.

2. Offer law-related education, parental education and guidance on rehabilitation  protection and probation, and execute supervision during sentence or bail period.

3. Arrange instant counseling and interviews of correction institutions.

4. Connect with light up plan, dropout high risk meeting and other police administration resources.

5. Hold juvenile law competition, perform human rights education on teachers, and  connect with relevant educational resources.

Psychological guidance

and tests


1. Plan and carry out holiday consulting.

2. Plan and carry out group guidance and classified guidance.

3. Screen for careers and evaluate psychological health and life adaptation.

4. Conduct psychological evaluation for family cases and assess parent-child 


Urine collection and

case assignment business


1. Collect urine and send it for test.

2. Hold contact meetings.

3. Carry out administrative business of the investigation and probation.

4. Carry out case assignment of the investigation and probation.

5. Prepare of all kinds of statistical statements.

6. Hold office affairs meetings and group leader meetings.

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