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Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile and Family Court


The beauty of the building and public arts


The architectural design of the court building adopts warm, caring, humane, professional and forward-looking design philosophy, and combines modernism with compatibility in its appearance. There is public art "Earth vitality" sculptured out of marble outdoors. For indoor space, it adopts warm and humane design into multi-dimensional public arts that fill the whole building with artistic and humanistic atmosphere.

The beauty of the building and public arts-1



Massive windows opened intentionally by the architect for introducing daylight, the "Operation" makes use of such daylight to create a vision sparkling in the lobby, hoping that every light and shadow can enlighten the “Eyes of Soul” and practice the actual art function of "True, Good and Beautiful". Exquisitely woven with stainless steel strings, the structure of the "Operation" symbolizes the protection net woven by the "Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile and Family Court" for the juveniles and families.

The beauty of the building and public arts-2


The satisfactory, harmonious and friendly family life is the demand and desire of everybody. It is also a personal place for emotion and soul rest, and only the satisfactory family life can cultivate children with physical and psychological health and sound personality.

In this extremely abstract works, the circle represents the satisfactory demand of the family. Inside the circle, it stands the shape of Chinese character " 仁 (kindheartedness)", expressing the spirit of kindheartedness, friendliness, and mutual support and caring. When serious conflicts and broken crises occur in a family, through the court's professional mediation, trial procedure, and the assistance of experts from various fields and social resources, family members under broken family relationship and conflict desperation can finally settle family disputes satisfactorily, peacefully and friendly so as to stand up again from disappointment and move forward in life with energy and hopes.

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Earth vitality

The white stone sculptures are interspersed on three grasslands, echoing with each other. They are also the image furniture full of welcome and can be used for viewing and resting.


Wing spreading

It images the young and frustrated life spreading its wings and soaring high.

The beauty of the building and public arts-4


It looks as if waiting for the lost juveniles to return to the correct path.


Ceramist Yang Wenni said: "The themes I expressed mostly imply the nature which extends vitality and energy of green plants. I hope to create the lively atmosphere of sunshine and rain showers by rocks, waves, stamens and pistils, leaves, floating cloud in the sky, etc., and deepen the dynamic sense of space through the special effects of ceramics". 

  • Release Date:2021-05-04
  • Update:2021-05-04