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Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile and Family Court


Family matters service center


 In order to create the environmental features of "friendly and service judicature", and the characteristics of "warm, humane and flexible judicature of the Family Act", upon the establishment on June 1, 2012, the court provides one-stop diverse service and actively connects to administrative and social resources. Apart from the original family violence service office, the court successively connects to relevant welfare resources of Kaohsiung City Government and the Ministry of
the Interior's National Immigration Agency to set up service stations regarding social work, household administration, employment, new resident, legal assistance, etc. As of January 1, 2014, in response to the new stipulation of the Article 19-1 of Juvenile and Family Court Organization Act, the court provides places and facilities for Kaohsiung City Government to establish "Family Service Center of Kaohsiung City Government in Court". Subsequently, stations regarding indigenous
inhabitants, psychological health consultation and women and children's safety, etc. are set up to provide "diverse, integrated and one-stop service" for the parties and the family members in the family matters so as to settle family disputes completely, appropriately, satisfactorily and thoroughly.

Kaohsiung City Government’s on site station
Family violence service office

Service Item
I. Counseling and guidance.
II. Legal assistance.
III. Protection order application.
IV. Resources referral.
V. Information for family violence prevention.

Family matters service center-1

Kaohsiung City Government Social Affairs Bureau
Social Affairs Service Station

Service Item
I.Preparation before trial and being present on the court appearance accompanying minor children.
II.Consultation for social welfare resources and referral service.
III. Social welfare consultation for new residents.

Family matters service center-2

Kaohsiung City Government Civil Affairs Bureau
Household Registration

Service Station
I. Accept household registration.
     1. Registration for declaration of death and the revocation of declaration of death.
     2. Household registration for final judgment or mediated de cision that can be cross-district registered.
     3. Registration for adoption and the termination of adoption.
     4. Registration for guardianship (annulment and revocation of guardianship).
     5. Registration for the order of commencement of assistance (annulment and revocation of the order of commencement of assistance).
     6. Registration for the designation of the party which exercises rights and assumes duties in respect of a minor child.
     7. Name change registration.
II.Note the information on family violence protection.
III.Issue household registration transcript.
IV.Renew (reissue) household registry.
V.Note the place of birth and educational background.
VI.Household registration service for new residents.

Family matters service center-3


Kaohsiung City Government Indigenous Affairs Commission
Indigenous Inhabitants Service Station

Service Item
I.Preparation before trial and being present on the court appearance: provide services such as consultation, emotion comfort, after trial consultation etc.
II.Social welfare consultation service for the indigenous inhabitants.
III.Social welfare referral service for the indigenous inhabitants.
IV.Contact with native language translators.

Family matters service center-4

Kaohsiung City Government Labor Bureau
Employment Service Desk

Service Item
I.Employment consultation.
II.Job hunting registration.
III.Work opportunity match-making.
IV.Information on other policies and employment resources.
V.New resident employment service.

Family matters service center-5

Kaohsiung City Government Police Station
Women and Children Protection Brigade Station

Service Item
I.Safety escort.
II. Information for women and children.
◎ How to apply: by fax

Family matters service center-6

Kaohsiung City Government Health Bureau
Mental Health Consultation Station

Service Item
I.Psychological health information.
II.Psychological health consultation, referral and transition service.
III.Connection to the on-line resources of suicide and substance abuse.
IV.Other psychological health matters.
◎ Service hours: 14:00-17:00, Tuesday, the first and third week of a month.
◎ How to apply: by registration, three persons each session.

Family matters service center-7

National Immigration Agency Second Kaohsiung City Service Center,
Ministry of the Interior - New Immigrants Service Station

Service Item
I.New resident legal consultation.
II.Social resources consultation.
III. Referral service.

Family matters service center-8

Legal Aid Foundation Kaohsiung Branch
Legal Consultation Service Station

Service Item:Free legal consultation service

Family matters service center-9

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