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Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile and Family Court


Family professional facilities and environment


1.Two-way video protection room

The room provides the victims with a place to make ststements without fear.

2.Safety passageway

Three exclsive passageways with colored tapes are available for the victims,eitnesses and accompanying social workers.

Two-way video protection room,Safety passageway


3.Nursery room and reading room

When litingants appear in court with children below 12 years old,the court will advise the parents to settle them in nursery room,so as to comgort their emotion through the company of the trained volunteers and avoid witnessing the arguments between parents.

Nursery room and reading room


4.Examining room

Senior social workers,psychologists and counselors will come to the court out examination for the offenders before trial,and provide reference for the judges to issue the protection order.

5.Education room

Ease the high emotions and fierce conflicts of the litigants in the mediation by playing video or music,or providing books for reading.

Examining room,Education room


6.Children and juvenile counseling room

In order to ensure the expression right of the minor children,the judge may seek for their real intention through chatting.

7.Parent-child supervised room (as well the room for children transfer)

Provide an interactive space for the minor children and the parent haven't seen each other for a long time.In the meanwhile,through well designed parents-child activities,social workers may observe their interaction and prepare the report for the judge's reference.

Children and juvenile counseling room,Parent-child supervised room

  • Release Date:2021-04-28
  • Update:2021-07-16